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Learn how to use Expivi and setup your 3D products in no time with our extensive documentation.


Find all frequently asked questions from our users in this section or submit your own.

Video Tutorials

Let us show you how to use Expivi with our video tutorials. Find them all on our YouTube channel.

Live Q&A

Address all your questions in our live Q&A and our experts will help you out in a live session.

Getting Started with Expivi video serie

We’ve created a Getting Started with Expivi video serie in which Tom gives you a short introduction to Expivi and teach how you setup 3D models to use with our 3D product configurator. You’ll be selling with our 3D e-commerce platform within an hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpie FAQ

  • What is the Asset URL?
  • Which devices are supported by our AR app?
    Our AR app supports supports a wide range of mobile devices. Have a look at the complete list of supported devices: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices
  • Is there a special AR app?
    Yes, we will provide you with an app so your products can be seen in AR via every smart phone.
  • What do I need for Augmented Reality?
  • Discussion Boards

    Ask questions, answer questions and join discussions to learn from other users of Expivi in our discussion boards.

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