Use WebAR

To use an Expivi product for AR it needs to meet the following conditions:


WebAR supports only the MeshStandardMaterial. 

While other materials can be used, only properties which are included inside the MeshStandardMaterial will be used within the AR view, leading to incorrect representation of the web view presentation of the product.


Web AR uses the environment lighting of the physical world. Hence any lighting inside the showcase is not used within the AR.

This applies to both the Realtime light entities and baked lightmaps.

Technical limitations


Scene Viewer

  • Maximum binary file size in Scene Viewer Spec: 15 MB (will give warnings at 10 MB)
  • Animations: 1
  • UV limit per mesh: 1
  • Bone (including non-weighted joints): 254
  • Bone weights per vertex: 4

Intent to open Scene Viewer –

  • No way to add .bin files to Intent, to open Scene Viewer.


AR Quick Look –