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yebr asked 3 years ago

I have add material on each part of my 3d clothing modelling, and there are some problem I couldn’t solve :
– How to reduce the pore size of the fabric that I add in the material?
I do it in this way: media> materials> add new material> assign diffuse with png image format> save
yet the problem is, when I do the preview, the fibers look very big and rough, how to make them look like the common fabric ?

– when I go to ‘preview’ tab it can’t show my whole entire 3d modelling, for instance the inner mesh not appear when I navigate the camera on the top of object

what should I do ? could you give me suggest ? Thank You

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Expivi WS Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Yebr,
-To change the tiling of your material you need to change your UV’s. In your case, you need to increase the size of your UV’s.
-It sounds like you are looking at the backside of the material. If so, what you can do is set your material to double side. Under the Render tab in the box Normal side change it to Double Side.

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