Embed 3D Player in mobile app with WebView?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsEmbed 3D Player in mobile app with WebView?
Gabriel asked 2 months ago

Hello, I was looking into Expivi as a possible solution to include the 3D configurator for an iOS app I’m making.
I was looking into the doc and it seems it’s possible to embed the player in a webpage. thus it seems it’s possible to use a platform mobile WebView to render the webpage that handles this, and then communicate with JavaScript events.
My main question and doubt it, would this work? Load the WebView inside a screen on my app, then use JavaScript events detailed on the documentation to get the information and send it to the app to handle and process from there?

Thanks for the help.

1 Answers
Expivi WT Staff answered 2 months ago

Hello Gabriel,
We’re not sure if WebView has limitations, but it is possible to control the 3D product with JavaScript events.

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