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Steen Paaske asked 4 years ago

Is it possible to have a save button on the configuration site, so when the customers have made their personal product the values can be saved and linked to a customer profile?
Further, would it then be possible to save the info and show it when the comes back on a frontpage or productpage?  
Lastly, would it be possible to save customers measurements and link them to a customer profile, so the customers don’t have to input these every time she will buy a product? We sell personalized dresses. 
If these initiatives are possible how do i make this setup in Shopify/Expivi or do I need another tool to save the customer information? 

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Expivi WS Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Steen,
This all should be possible but it would be a custom feature inside of your integration. We could do this for you but we would need some more information from you.
If you want to start a project with us please contact

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