Uploading the model in to scene by clicking the step tap

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Bing asked 3 years ago

Hi There,
If it’s possible that when I click the name of step, it will uplaoding the model into scene automatically. same as click the question button. You can check the link I sticked below. https://roveconcepts.expivi.net/product/gia-desk.  in this case, the right model will automatically upload when customers  select each tap button(size63 or size 88). they do not need click the size button underneath anymore. Sice they have chosen the size.

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Expivi WS Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Bing,
My apologies for the delay!
As for your question from my understanding you want to activate an option using a step selection.
This is possible by creating a rule that checks when the user selects the step it has to activate a select option.
As follows:
Question changed -> Check Question -> Select Option

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