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Giuseppe Paccione asked 4 years ago

here is my setup ( hope it make a sense 🙂 ): I made an object that has a material group with two categories for the same part (fabric and leather). So I created a question type attribute with two options (leather and fabric) and a rule when, if the user chooses the fabric option, he only see the appropriate materials. Next I create two preset, one for leather type and one for fabric type, for display the configurator in two different pages. Than I made a rule where the configurator hide or display the right materials ( twice visibility -> Material Vis)
My question is: which is the right nodes in rules configurator to say “if my preset is leather initialize the scene with the leather option”?

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Expivi WS Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Giuseppe,
A scene initialize followed by an active option (leather/fabric) should work to define both options.
So you would need 1 for leather with the correct hiding, and 1 for fabric.

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