Why are many of the google fonts not functioning?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhy are many of the google fonts not functioning?
Devin Barnes asked 2 years ago

After selecting fonts from the list that pops up in the Text_to_Image settings only one of the 10 or so fonts I selected actually works. The rest are all defaulting to a serif font. Is there any way to know which fonts on the list will actually work in Expivi and which will not?

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Expivi RH Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Devin,
The fonts selected by the backend of Expivi are Google Fonts. In order to see these fonts you either need to install them locally on your computer/laptop or when you have the Expivi viewer integrated you also need to embed the fonts.
In order to embed the fonts you can find a tutorial here:
And to download the fonts to your local computer you can find all the fonts here:
I hope this answers your question.
Best regards,
Robbie van Hintum
Expivi Customer Success

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