January 4th, 2022

Viewer – v1.468
– [Fix] Fixed misbehaviour on Color and Map attribute on material group when switching materials.
– [Fix] Fixed a bug on Fire effect

Viewer-Options – 2021.41.0
– [Feature] Added the SVG Canvas attribute

Backoffice – 2021.41.0
[Feature] Added administratable SVG Canvas attribute

Backend – 2021.41.0
– [Feature] SVG Canvas attribute REST support

December 23rd, 2021

Viewer – v1.467
– [Fix] Fixed an issue where materials are shared on multiple similar models via catalogue browser
When using the duplicate product functionality in the drag and drop feature, sometimes changing the material on 1 product would be copied on all the same products. This has been fixed now.

Viewer-Options – 2021.40.0
– [Feature] UI support for material filtering based on Categories
– [Feature] Implemented sorting of Categories on Attributes when it is used
Instead of only a long list of options, you’re now able to create filters for these options, so that the user can limit the options by selecting the filters. Go to our documentation page.

Backoffice – 2021.40.0
– [Feature] UI of Script Engine sheets are downloadable
– [Feature] Added support for CSV pricing fields import/export
This makes it easier for editing the current pricing and debugging
– [Feature] UI support for sorting of Categories on Attributes
– [Feature] UI support backoffice support for assigning Categories on Materials
– [Fix] UI support for font upload of symbols

Backend – 2021.40.0
– [Feature] Script Engine sheets are downloadable for debugging purposes
– [Feature] Implemented Pricing Fields support for CSV pricing import/export
– [Fix] Fixed an issue where font upload of symbols doesn’t function properly
The use of symbol type faces like Font Awesome is working again.
– [Fix] Fixed a path issue of Script Engine debugger

December 7th, 2021

Viewer – v1.466
– [Feature] Saving configurations now supports attribute keys

Viewer-Options – 2021.39.0
– [Fix] SVG Image attributes now resets when image is cleared

Backoffice – 2021.39.1
– [Feature] Default SKU generation set to “Only explicit _PartSKU suffix”
– [Feature] UI for Script Engine Debugger
– [Fix] Partner subscriptions are always valid
– [Fix] Toggling on subdomains with customer classes now functions correctly
– [Fix] Pricing Matrix exports now includes Price Collections

Backend – 2021.39.0
– [Feature] Script Engine Debugger for testing scripts
– [Feature] Pricing Matrix imports is backwards compatible with the new export format
– [Fix] Pricing Matrix imports on large CSVs now imports/updates all prices correctly
– [Fix] Pricing Matrix imports on large CSVs has a better stability and performance

November 24th, 2021

Viewer – v1.465
– [Fix] Vertical Drag and Drop snapping not working

Backoffice – 2021.38.0
– [Feature] UI – Pricing Matrix exports in new CSV format with backward compatibility
– [Feature] UI – API key supports customer classes

Backend – 2021.38.0
– [Feature] Implemented new Business logic for Wood and Stair projects
– [Feature] Adjusting Media purges cache on related Catalogues
– [Feature] API key supports customer classes
– [Feature] Pricing Matrix exports in new CSV format with backward compatibility
– [Fix] SKU Price Matrix import crash on CSV uploads with trailing spaces

November 8th, 2021

Viewer – v1.464
– [Feature] Support for Added Decimal Operable Numbers

Backoffice – 2021.37.4
– [Feature] Added Step to Operand
– [Feature] Added Decimal Operable Numbers
– [Fix] Fixed disappearing tooltips
– [Fix] Fetch Call in SVG Attribute

Backend – 2021.37.9
– [Fix] Refactored PDF rendering
– [Fix] ProductPreset performance fix on retrieval and search
– [Fix] Description in collapsable in viewer-options

October 26th, 2021

Back-end 2021.37.7 deployed to production:
– [NEW] Viewer-options has been updated which enables Description in steppers.

October 18th, 2021

Viewer – v1.463
– [Feature] Added new categorization functionality as filters on the question attribute.

Backoffice – 2021.37.2
– [Feature] new: addition of categories and subcategories on attributes and attribute values.

Backend – 2021.37.2
– [Feature] new: additions of new category functionality to backend.

October 6th, 2021

Viewer v1.462
[Fix] SVG support on mobile

Backoffice 2021.36.0
[Feature] Backoffice is embedded in Shopify Public App with custom view
[Feature] Highlight on selected Rule Node
[Feature] Better storage of images that are uploaded via Wysiwyg

Backend 2021.36.0
[Feature] Shopify Public App security update
[Feature] New Price Margins for a Stair Project

October 1st, 2021

New WordPress plugin version deployed!
= 2.4.4 =
* Fixed: Update viewer/options to v1.461
* Fixed: Improve script loading for templates. This should fix the ability to use Expivi products by shortcode ([product_page id=”99″]).

September 30th, 2021

Viewer – v1.461
– [FIXED] Text-to-image trimming issue which accidentally removed spaces at the end of input.
– [FIXED] WebAR diffuse color not being applied when changed by rules/attributes.
– [FIXED] Svg lod removed on mobile which caused white canvas on product.

Backoffice – 2021.35.1
– [FIXED] Color attribute showing duplicate ‘Display properties’ options.

Back-end – 2021.35.3
– [FIXED] Lod in media name is now removed which caused issues (file-storage).

September 10th, 2021

– [FIXED] Default Pricing Collection with Group on creation of new teams
– [FIXED] Previous Teams without Price Variant Collection and Group have a default one

August 30th, 2021

Viewer – v1.459 (5)
– [FIXED] Text-to-image text position is now consistent. It will now wait for the font to be loaded before starting initial calculations.

BackOffice – release/2021.32.3
– [FIXED] Datepicker next to searchbar has been removed from all pages, except for Event Log page due to issues.

August 26th, 2021

BackOffice – release/2021.32.2
– [NEW] Authentication logging is now available for everyone. It is located within the Team submenu
– [NEW] Every pageable table is now filterable on a date range, based on the date the entry was created.

Back end – release/2021.32.2
– [NEW] Login in the admin panel now requires the usage of email authentication.
– [NEW] Users in the admin panel now are restricted to their own field of usage, determined by a role.

August 23rd, 2021

BackOffice – release/2021.32.1
– [NEW] Text-to-image version 2 now has the ability to set auto-resize to ‘bounding-box’.
This means that the text will automatically resize based on how much space is left instead of the amount of characters.
– [NEW] Text-to-image version 2 introduces the ‘Padding (X-Axis)’ property which allows you to add padding on left/right side of the font.
This will help with positioning the text and possibly recovering text when clipped.

Viewer – v1.459
– [FIXED] AddProduct will now have the ability to change/remove placeholder when loading a product.
– [CHANGED] Text-to-image will now use an improved implementation for calculating the text-baseline.
This will only be available for text-to-image attribute version 2.

August 17th, 2021

BackOffice + Backend – release/2021.32.0 
– [NEW] Introducing Hooks! This feature allows customers to send data to a server on a given action/hook.

August 12th, 2021

BackOffice – 2021.31.4
– [NEW] Text-to-image attribute will show a new option: Text Baseline. This allows you to change the vertical alignment of your text.
– [NEW] New text-to-image attributes will use V2 on how text is rendered on product. Existing attribute will show an upgrade button to avoid breaking existing products.
Due note: Upgrading to v2 will use a different technique to render text which means that existing values might not work anymore.

Viewer – v1.458
– [NEW] UI elements in viewer will now contain a HTML attribute which can be used to style the element.
– [FIXED] Image Upload will now set position/rotation/scale when loading preset / pre-configuration.

August 5th, 2021

Backend release/2021.31.7 deployed to production
– [FIXED] Improved ProductPreset Find function with an optional catalogue_id filter

August 4th, 2021

BackOffice release/2021.31.2 deployed to production
– [NEW] Input Rule Node will now search for {value} in the text which will be replaced with the actual value. Use {value:2} to determine the amount of decimals.

Viewer / Options – v1.456
– [FIXED] Image Upload is moved to engine which should improve several things.
– [FIXED] Shader Water Entity will load normal map again.

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