Setting up your showcase

This page will show you how to do a quick and simple setup of your showcase. The showcase will be used to set lights and a camera.


After importing a model we are ready to setup the showcase. Start by clicking Showcase at the top of the screen.

The showcase tab is located next to the configure tab

The showcase will now load. In the showcase we have control over how your model will look in Expivi. We can do this by adding lights and other visual effects

The standard showcase window before anything has been added

Setting Lights

First, we start by creating a 3 point lighting setup so your scene is evenly lit from all sides. In order to do this we will go to Insert → Lights → Spot.

Note: A 3 point lighting setup is a very basic setup which works for simple models. Experiment with different lights and settings to see what fits your project best.

There are many different lights with different effects. Experiment to see what works best for you

This will create a spotlight in the Showcase Scene hierarchy. In order to change properties of the spotlight we just created, we have to go to the Scene Hierarchy window. On the right side of the screen click Scene Hierarchy in order to open the Scene Hierarchy tab.

The Scene Hierarchy Tab is located on the right

Now we have opened the Scene Hierarchy we can go to the properties of the spotlight. In the tab click on Spot light to show the properties on the right side of the screen.

Clicking on the an attribute in the hierarchy will open its options

The options will open. Here you have control over how the spotlight behaves. For now we will simply edit the intensity since we are going to use 3 lights. A good practice is to have the lights add up to about 1.4 intensity.

We can add more spotlights by adding them the same way, or right-click a spotlight and select Duplicate.

Place your spotlights around your model in a triangle shape so that the model is lit from all sides.

Note: By default, Expivi will add a hemisphere light. This light can be adjusted or removed as you see fit. For this example it has been removed

Every element in the showcase has a plethora of options to play around with

Setting the Camera

The last thing we will need to do is to set up a camera. A camera is used to define a starting position to show your product from. The camera also has many different options to adjust how your product will look through it. It can also be restrained in its movement.

To add a camera, click insert → (Camera) perspective

Click the camera in the hierarchy to open its settings. Here we can set a min and max zoom by adjusting the Near and Far fields. A value of 1 represents 1 square on the grid. For now, lets set the Near to 3 and the far to 20.

The last thing we need to do is set the camera. To set the camera, first select the camera you want to set, then simply place your current view (this does not have to be the camera you just made) wherever you see fit, and click Set Camera.

The camera has its own set of graphical options

And done! We have set up a basic showcase to properly view our models. Now we can proceed to set up our options by building up the correct attributes. Please proceed by following this link: (Insert link)