Shopify pricing doesnt change cart price

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James asked 2 years ago

Trying to understand how to offer discounts on my Expivi products in my Shopify store, when I change the “Price” in Shopify, to show against the “Compare at” price. 

For example; in Shopify on the product page it says “Was $89.99, Now $69.99”

But if I change this in the Shopify product, it doesnt do anything to the cart price. 

Does this mean I have to change each product in Expivi whenever I want to run a sale? If not, how do I get a Was/Now kind of thing happening using Shopify’s system? I have more than 2000 skus so would not be ideal to change each price on each SKU manually as we typically do it with a sheet upload. 

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Expivi WS Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi James,
Unfortunately, it does not work with Shopify like that.
You do need to change the prices in the Expivi back-end.
It is possible to convert your pricing to an SKU price matrix so that you can change prices with a sheet upload.
You can find the explanations for this here:
Hope this helps.

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