How to enable social sharing

The social sharing feature makes it possible for your customer to share their configured products with their friends and family on Facebook or WhatsApp. Once shared, the link will send them to the exact same configured product.

Note: the social sharing functionality will only work if you’ve integrated the Expivi 3D configurator with your Shopify or WooCommerce webshop.

When enabled, the social sharing button will appear in the 3D viewer.

Social Sharing button

Login to your Expivi account and navigate to the Site Settings > Social Sharing

To enable the social sharing option, check the checkbox.

Buttons layout position

You can choose where the button appears on the Expivi viewer: top left corner, top right corner, bottom left corner or bottom right corner.


Currently you can enable social sharing on Facebook and WhatsApp (more channels will soon be added). You can choose on which devices this feature will be enabled (on Desktop and/or Mobile). In the title and description fields, you can enter what will appear in the preview (also called the Open Graph title and description).

Once you click the Save button, you’ve enabled the Social Sharing feature for your 3D configurator.